Operational personnel management for mobile personnel

Seamless workforce planning with cSTAFF

With cSTAFF you focus on the most important thing – your staff.

The cloud software cSTAFF is the perfect tool for all those who want to manage their staff in a simple and straightforward way! It can be used directly without much effort and integrated into existing, in-house IT systems, which makes it the perfect extension of your personnel planning.

cSTAFF supports you in your organization of operational staff deployment and offers planning and evaluation functions. This makes operational personnel management more transparent, more secure and altogether clearer. The additional coupling with the catkin SmartApp enables you to seamlessly integrate mobile employees into the planning process.


What does cSTAFF offer you?

Personal accesses

for each employee


for the overview and management

catkin SmartApp

for efficient communication


for vacation planning

Advantages for you as

Team leader

  • All team members in the overview
  • Assignment and management of shifts
  • Clear representation of worked hours
  • Evaluation and reporting

Mobile Staff

  • All team members at a glance
  • Easy vacation request and direct feedback – all via app
  • Simple sick leave notification with the option of AU forwarding
  • No more paper timesheets: fast and secure data exchange with defined access rights, overview at all times

Human Resources Manager

  • Maintain an overview of working hours, attendances and absences
  • Create and manage employee master data centrally
  • Approve / reject vacation requests
  • Create shifts, maintain rest periods
  • ArbZG integrated
  • Create and manage cost centers

Plan staff seamlessly

  • With cSTAFF, all parties involved have control over company agreements and working hours
  • Employee master data is created and managed centrally
  • Leave requests can be easily submitted and approved via the app
  • Shifts can be created and rest periods maintained
  • Easily create and manage cost centers with cSTAFF

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