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Competence since 2013


As an IT service provider, we support our customers with modern cloud-based communication and planning solutions. Scheduling processes become considerably more efficient on the basis of automatically available status information.

We significantly simplify the communication-intensive processes in order processing for all participants, thereby increasing efficiency and enabling new business models on the basis of networked performance data and the assets assigned to these services.


Our catkin scheduling software for trucking companies, truckers, railroad workers and personnel managers at a glance:

  • catkin

    logistics platform

  • cTRANS

    Freight forwarding software


    platform for combined transport

  • cSTAFF

    staff management software

  • LocoPlan

    railway business solution

  • BBM

    management software for FLPO’s & ZvF’s

  • CIM

    trucker app & web application

Projects & research: We work for the future!

In addition to day-to-day customer business, catkin is also active in national and international research and development projects. Within these projects, catkin has become a sought-after project partner, in particular due to its proven expertise in the development and construction of platforms and interfaces.

Through its involvement in research and development projects, catkin is continuously examining current technologies in the field of digitalization. As a result, possible integrations of these technologies into the existing catkin products are constantly examined and implemented for further development.

This area has developed into an independent business unit in recent years, which will continue to be pursued and expanded in the future. We are always open to possible cooperations within research and development projects. If you are currently looking for a suitable project partner, we would be pleased to receive your inquiry!

Our current research projects


Intelligent, IoT-based Port Artefacts Communication, Administration and Maintenance
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Optimization of logistics processes in the maritime-based transport chain through machine learning in steel logistics.
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Process optimization through ETA management in intermodal traffic
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The international I2PANEMA project aims to make processes in ports more efficient and environmentally compatible, which is to be achieved in particular through the use of suitable IT support. Therefore, digitalization and possible improvement potentials through the use of IoT technologies are the focus of this research project. These will be developed and tested within various application examples in the participating working groups from Germany, Spain and Turkey.


June 2019 until May 2022

catkin's role in the project

catkin contributes its know-how in the field of digitalized and automated communication solutions within the transport logistics industry and is responsible for the technical development and implementation of the platform solution in the Dortmund application example. In the process, the information from the connected IoT technology is automatically processed and played out to the end user accordingly. Communication between the players involved is possible both via a web application and via a mobile app.


The Oktopus project is investigating the extent to which digitization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can help make processes in inland shipping more efficient. Through collaboration with the project partners, a practical demonstrator is being developed that will be tested in real-world operations where possible.


February 2020 until January 2023

catkin's role in the project

The provision of information and the communication between the actors of the process chains shall be done via a platform solution. Within the consortium, catkin is mainly responsible for the development of the platform solution, which is implemented together with the technical project partners.


The ProMI project is investigating how the interaction of all players involved in intermodal hinterland transport can be improved. As a rule, information is only exchanged at specific points and when process steps are handed over, which also means that there is no complete transparency about the individual transport times. On a pilot route, the actors involved are to be digitally connected via a neutral platform and continuously informed about a calculated time of arrival (ETA). For this purpose, the catkin communication platform will be linked with the ETA management platform of Hacon, which means that the project can be characterized as an implementation project overall, since it builds on already existing systems.


September 2021 until August 2023

catkin's role in the project

catkin provides its patented central communication platform in this project. Via this platform, all actors involved in the intermodal hinterland transport on the pilot route are digitally linked with each other. The catkin platform will be embedded in the existing system landscape, whereby a digital data exchange can be guaranteed centrally. In return, the players are also always informed about the respective calculated arrival time of the ETA management platform from Hacon, so that all participants can better coordinate their upstream & downstream process steps in terms of time, thus resulting in a process improvement for each player.

Managing directors

Christian Krüger

Christian Krüger

Founder, CEO
  • more than 20 years in the logistics industry
  • more than 7 years in the IT industry
  • Professional and management functions in the mobility and logistics sector
    e.g. managing director of container railroads, consulting mandates at Port of Rotterdam, steel mills, railroads


Our partners

BVL - Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V.

Logistics means one thing above all: networking. As a non-profit association, BVL has set itself the task of networking logistics players with each other and thus building a competence network for the logistics industry. Since 1978, the association has been working on the public perception and understanding of logistics and, in this context, offers many different information channels. In this context, catkin GmbH acts as an expert in the field of digitalization and has already published several blog articles on this topic.

Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg

catkin GmbH has been a member of the Digital Hub in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt since 2021. The Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg focuses on networking companies, startups and investors from the logistics industry in order to create a space for exchange, collaboration and cooperation. In this environment, catkin GmbH is in even closer contact with other logistics companies and is thus always informed about the latest developments.

SGKV -Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V.

The SGKV sees itself as an interest group for combined transport (CT) and a neutral communication platform. From operators to forwarders, from terminal operators to research institutions, it unites different opinions and experts under one roof. The aim of the SGKV is to create and establish an efficient, competitive and attractive CT in Germany and Europe on the basis of joint efforts. This development is promoted by the team of catkin GmbH with its know-how around transport logistics 4.0

Logistik-Initiative Hamburg - A network for the future

With more than 500 member companies, the Logistics Initiative Hamburg is the industry’s largest location network in Germany. LIHH networks the industry’s activities in the areas of business, science, politics and research and strengthens the transfer of knowledge and innovation.
One focus is on the promotion of innovations and new technologies. In this area, LIHH supports innovative projects with its partners and organizes numerous workshops and working groups.

LOG-IT Club e.V. - Supporting association of the NRW logistics cluster

The LOG-IT Club is the supporting association of the logistics cluster NRW. It offers a wide range of services to support the direct members of the cluster in their further development. The core objective of all activities is to bundle all forces in the logistics industry of North Rhine-Westphalia and to further develop the state into the No. 1 logistics location in Europe. e.V. - Laptop donations for children in the world

The non-profit aid project collects decommissioned laptops, tablet PCs, e-book readers, etc. to give children worldwide access to EDP and education. The donated and refurbished devices are used to support schools, homes, children’s and youth projects at home and abroad, at no cost to them. Within this network, catkin acts as an official, regional collection point for laptops & co. and forwards them to the responsible authorities.

Sabine Vogel M.A. Public Relations

As a specialist journalist on behalf of various media and as a consultant in the field of press and public relations, Sabine Vogel has been involved in the transport and logistics industry in her current capacity since 2003. Companies benefit – on a permanent or project-related basis – from her journalistic expertise, a network that has grown over the years, and know-how in the implementation of internal and external communications tasks.

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